Fendi teams up with Tiffany & Co. for a dream collaboration.

Sarah Jessica Parker famously said, “It’s not a bag. It’s a Baguette.” This was when Carrie Bradshaw was being mugged. This phrase helped Fendi baguettes to become a coveted accessory.

Fendi celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special runway show in New York. Fendi invited modeling stars like Linda Evangelista to the event and had industry leaders, including Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss, seated in the front row. The runway was a big deal and was widely covered on social media. However, it was easy to overlook the details of the event. The Fendi x Tiffany & Co was announced and debuted. Collaboration, for instance.

Fendi and Tiffany collaborated to create an original interpretation of the baguette bag. It will not surprise anyone to discover that Tiffany’s version will be available in the jewelers’ signature blue color. The collaboration was unveiled on the runway by Bella Hadid. It also features a reimagining of Fendi’s iconic hardware.

Every baguette is equipped with a Fendi FF Zucca closure. Tiffany has also added its Tiffany T logo to the mix. This collaboration is a match made in fashion heaven. Unfortunately, it won’t drop until early 2023. However, you can still get an iconic Fendi baguette now. Scroll down to see a selection of vintage and new Fendi baguettes.

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