Are you wondering how to survive mercury retrograde Your survival kit?

Failing to plan is a recipe for failure.

You would have to have lived under a rock to see that mercury was in retrograde. Many believe the astrological phenomenon is a time of bad vibes. Poor decision-making, travel delays, confusing messages, and even ex-partners can all be signs of bad luck. We have all the answers if you are wondering how to handle the onslaught.

Mercury retrograde season, as you probably know and fear, is when the planet travels backward in space. Astrologers believe we can experience the same thing down here – in other words, chaos. Think about being late for a meeting with your boss, then dropping your phone. The cracked screen means you can’t scroll through Instagram.

I didn’t expect the worst; five hours into mercury retrograde, my laptop stopped functioning, and my ex appeared on my phone screen. So it’s not a coincidence.

This year’s third mercury retrograde is the Autumn Equinox, which occurs this week. Although you might think you are more prepared for chaos now, let’s face it: nobody likes things getting worse or breaking.

However, it’s not all doom & gloom. Good news! There are plenty of ways to cope with mercury being in retrograde, including this tool-kit-come-survival-guide we’ve pulled together for you.

We all want to hibernate indoors and curl up with our favorite autumn books, but life is busy. Instead, we have compiled the best tech protection (yes, tech can go awry during this period) and self-care tools that will soothe your soul and positive calming products.

Mercury Retrograde ends October 2nd. Check out our top picks to help you get through. Enjoy your shopping. And, breath…

Your survival kit: How to survive Mercury Retrograde

Aliza Kelly and Sophie Saint Thomas, astrologers, explained to the magazine that we are now in the second half of mercury retrograde. This makes it even more intense. If you have anxiety symptoms, make sure you see a therapist. (Read our guide on how to locate a therapist).

Scroll down if you want to improve self-care and prep.

Protect the technology

Are you tired of your phone’s broken screens, laptops or chargers? These are some suggestions.

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