Hot List: What’s new this week in your favorite stores and online?

Let us introduce: the hot list. Marie Claire has compiled a list of the top ways to indulge, whether you need some pampering, an interiors refresh, tickets to a cool event, or a wardrobe update.

Marie Claire Headquarters always looks for new brands, events, beauty treatments, and coffee table books. We love to update our homes with cool pieces of pottery, art, or a new candle.

Here’s a list of the best things to see, do and buy this week. New store openings, fashion brand collaborations, grooming news, and other beautiful and useful information are all available so your downtime can be as stylish as your uptime.

This is your ultimate shopping guide, so check back with us weekly to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest. Click here to view our top picks.

What are we eating this summer?

Ice cold *clinks* are a must in English summers (did someone say Aperol?). and delicious dinners. Hot spots are popping up everywhere in the city, whether you want to go straight to a bar garden on Fridays or prefer a rooftop Bar. Near Borough Market, there are two crowd pleasers. The delicious pair is perfect for Saturday afternoon sun and can be used as a way to eat from day to night.

Carrubo and In Horto will be opening their doors simultaneously in July. (So you can expect great times)

Carrubo will transport you back to your holiday in the Mediterranean. The white tiles and chic seating will bring Santorini back to SE1. You can take a seat and peruse the wine selection available on tap before ordering a delicious crostini. This destination is unavailable for booking, so ensure you get there early.

Are you looking for something more refined? In Horto does the trick. The menu brings the garden inside, not just the decor. You can enjoy a variety of hearty dishes made from sustainable ingredients while surrounded by plants. Chef’s kiss.

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