Online selling is the best way to get your clothes noticed

It’s a great time to organize your wardrobe and sell clothes online. Why? It’s a great way to practice circular style or to offset your clothes spending. It’s also a great way to get rid of unwanted clothes and give them to a new loving home.

Convinced? Are you convinced? Keep scrolling to find the top sites for selling clothes online.

These are the best places to sell clothes online.


Best for: Instagram Hits. Depop is a great place to find items you like. It’s easy to find clothes for influencers on Depop and is super fast.

What is the commission? 10% of all sales. Also, you get charged immediately, so there are no nasty surprises later.


High street clothes. This is different from eBay because there is no auction. Your item will be sold at the asking price. However, buyers have the option to negotiate the price. You can also trade items with other sellers.

What is the commission? Vinted is free to list your item and make a sale. Buyers pay a small commission. You do not get paid until your item is received. To prove your postage, you must upload a photo of your Post Office receipt. However, this has never been an issue for me.

Vestiaire Collective

Ideal for: Designer clothes. It cannot be easy to sell designer items on eBay. I have had genuine items removed from my site because they weren’t authentic. Vestiaire authenticates all items. You have two options. You can list the item yourself and send it to Vestiaire after selling it. Vestiaire will inspect everything and then forward it to the buyer. You can also send it to Vestiaire for them to list.

What is the commission? It’s quite expensive, but it’s worth the effort. Vestiaire will sell it to you for a fraction of the price.


Best for Founded by Clare Richardson (stylist and industry veteran), Deluxe is all regarding luxury clothing items (Ghesquiere-era Balenciaga and Phoebe Philo-era Chloe) and Isabel Marant …) customers. Celeb ambassadors include Amber Valletta and Bella Freud, Zinnia Kumar, Carolyn Murphy, and Zinnia Kum.

Deluxe works with customers, independent designers, and brands to authenticate every item. This is great for those who are short on time.

You can view a list of brands Deluxe allows here. The expert team takes care of the rest, including photography, product description and pricing, listing, shipment, and shipping.

What is the commission? It varies from 35% to 50% depending on the total value of your collection (50% for items below PS500, 45 for items between PS500 and PS200, and 35% for items above PS2,000). You will receive a monthly summary of your sold and completed pieces. This means that customers have exhausted their 14-day returns period. The funds will then be deposited directly into your bank account.

Thrift+ For Browns

Best for High quality, pre-loved clothing. Browns have partnered with Thrift+, an online secondhand retailer and on-demand donation service. You can donate your unwanted clothes and accessories and give them a second life. In turn, you earn Brown’s credit.

You must order a custom Thrift+ donation bag and pack your gently used clothing. Then, book a collection service. Thrift+ will take care of everything, from listing sales online to photographing the product.

What is the commission? A third of sales go to charity, while The other third covers thrift+ costs. The rest of the money goes to Brown’s credit. After the PS40 Thrift+ or PS40 charity deductions, a PS120 item sold will result in PS40 credit to your Browns account.

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